Tuesday, September 1, 2009

3 1/2 Car Garage

I have been busy selling my house and looking for a new one. One particular house advertised a 3 1/2 car garage. I'm disappointed that we didn't see the house before it was sold because I *really* wanted to see the 1/2 car.

Thanks for hanging in there. I do plan to pick up my writing again. I might have to pack my good intentions for my pending move, but as soon as I find my clothes, something to cook with, and the kids amongst the boxes, I plan to start writing more frequently. In the meantime, tell me a story, introduce yourself, or help me increase my Followererership by telling your friends that I do did be writing good. Just not recently.


Tony said...

1/2 car garages are popular in retirement communities. It is usually for a golf cart. Maybe for a lawn tractor up here?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler!
Long time since I visited...and you are moving! -home not blog thankfully- any particular reason (??!!??)
We had #3! Healthy baby boy, Dante who came 2 weeks early weighing 8.8lb

Can't wait for you to find Shea (not so baby anymore!) and Cian amidst the boxes, so you can get back to writing!
Monica(from Broad)
(sorry for the 'email' couldn't find your new address)

Maria said...

Well, I for one miss the Inner Humorist! Good luck with the house hunt, and come back soon!

Robert said...

Today instant garages most papular, why you don't use?