Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Earthy (adjective): How the coffeeshop describes my coffee when some of the grinds are floating around. As in, "Full bodied and earthy. Try with a side of our scrumptious cinammon swirl dirt cake."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome from my Inner Humorist

If you are reading this, you are either
a) one of the few people with whom I have shared this web address, or
b) a random blogspot lurker who has (very fortunately) stumbled upon my blog, or
c) a Google searcher whose search results included my blog thanks to keywords such as "toddler puke" or "beans before bathtime", in which case I don't really want to know why you were searching such horrible things.

*Regardless* of how you ended up here..... thank you.

I first created this blog because I find humor in daily life and desired an outlet for creativity through which I could express some of these ideas. I have started VERY slowly, because although I have the great desire to write, I have perpetual writer's block. Actually, I think that the block could be removed if I can accept that not everything I write has to be publication worthy.

All of this comes at a great time, because I have enlisted the support of a career coach who has challenged me on a few fronts. First, she has challenged me to share my writing with others (that means you group "a"). This is important for I really want to share. However, it's also difficult because I am really putting myself out there! My career coach has also encouraged me to redefine "success", because this is what I felt was necessary to write. Anything. So, I am trying to do that now.

But, even since deciding that I want to put more energy into writing, I have still be faced with this hesitation to write something complete and perfect. I need to try something different now. I need to simply write. Only then, will my creative process truly develop. It won't be perfect and won't always be worthy of your time. However, writing is new for me and this creative outlet is in it's infancy.

SO...thanks for reading. Your feedback will be appreciated. It can be about the content, delivery, style, grammar, etc. ....all feedback is welcome.